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kim's fanfiction
07 December 2010 @ 11:57 pm
Yay for prep-school, upper east Manhattan, spoiled and rich, hot boys!

10_themes Chuck/Nate

01.Greed 02.Lust
03.Envy 04.Fear
05.Love 06.Hate
07.Depression 08.Anger
09.Joy 10.Excitement

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kim's fanfiction
11 May 2008 @ 09:52 pm
give me reason, but don’t give me choice (cause I’ll just make the same mistake again)
*same mistake – james blunt
“I don’t think about you.” Chuck doesn’t lie.
chuck/erik. post-1.16. ~ 2,170. warnings: language, minor boy/boy action
a/n: I totally skipped doing history notes to finish this. idk what this is about, but I hope you enjoy?

and maybe someday we will meet, and we will talk, not just speakCollapse )
kim's fanfiction
24 January 2008 @ 05:43 pm
set fire to something and we can burn together. [nate/chuck fanmix]
there's three things i care about, nathaniel: money, the pleasures money brings me, and you.Collapse )
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kim's fanfiction
07 January 2008 @ 10:46 pm
everyone’s a let-down (it just deepens on how far down they can go)
*newport living – cute is what we aim for
fandom: gossip girl (tv show)
summary: 10_themes prompt #6, hate: there are some things nate hates about chuck.
pairing: nate/chuck
word count: ~800
rating: pg-13
warning: swear words and a sexy chuck
author’s notes: in my fics (so far), nate and chuck don’t kiss. i don’t see them as the “make love to me, nathaniel!” type couple. like friends with benefits.

It’s the way Chuck acts when he’s drunk.Collapse )
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kim's fanfiction
05 January 2008 @ 12:44 pm
i didn't mean to fall in love (but i did)
- a lonely september - plain white t's
fandom: gossip girl rps
summary: chace and penn’s relationship through five separate christmas’.
pairing: chace/penn
rating: pg-13
word count: ~2,740
warning: very minor boy on boy action
author’s notes: for kate, ♥.

it’s their first christmas together (knowing each other).Collapse )
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kim's fanfiction
23 December 2007 @ 11:38 am
sometimes we know each other*
*with hands over ears – persephone & her cellar babies
fandom: mwpp era
pairings: sirius/remus, implied regulus/sirus
warnings: implied incest, implied slash
word count: ~1,230
rating: PG
author’s note: for the beautiful and one and only softlyforgotten on the most joyous occasions of my favourite holiday, christmas (!), i give you implied incest and implied boy loving! sorry that everything is “implied”, but my brain is just not working on the porny level lately (this is a use-your-imagination! fic). enjoy babe, ♥! (and it really doesn’t follow your prompt, but i think it still works?) oh, and the timeline might be a little messed up. i know somewhere, sirius is supposed to run away, but it just doesn’t seem to be working with this fic, though by regulus’ age, it may seem so… just be happy regulus isn’t pregnant with remus’ child, okay?

regulus watches from the window. mother doesn’t know, of course, what they really are.Collapse )
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kim's fanfiction
it’s a long road we’ve been walking on*
fandom: harry potter (post-deathly hallows)
summary: there can never be one without the other.
rating: pg
word count: ~2,480
warnings: BIG, HUGE DH SPOILERS O’ DOOM. and i think there is, like, one swear word. maybe two.
author's notes: crazy-ass deathly hallows spoilers. if you haven't read deathly hallows and are even looking at this fanfiction, then you fail. you fail horribly at life.
author's notes 2: (after i finished the fic) okay, so i started this, oh, two months ago? i finally got around to finishing it. i am fairly pleased with the turn out, but the end is really rushed, as you might be able to tell. i actually just finished it fifteen minutes ago, oh the shame! i just wanted to get it down. i hope it doesn't ruin my fairly mediocre fic that i like.

just one. half of one, part of one, when it matters.Collapse )
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kim's fanfiction
so, i haven't exactly been accepted to join 10_themes, but whatever - I don't like to wait, especially when I kind of like the story.

these bones are mere accessories
fandom: gossip girl (tv show)
summary: 10_themes prompt #4, fear: immediately following 1.10 hi, society, nate wonders where chuck has gone.
pairing: nate/chuck
word count: ~1,300
rating: pg
warning: implied nate/chuck (boy-loving); major spoilers for 1.10, hi, society!
author’s notes: first time writing gossip girl fic (and the first fanfic i’ve written in months), so i may not have a full grasp on the characters, but i always found chuck as being the “dominant” of the nate-chuck friendship, but with his own weaknesses. and i’ve never met a butler in my entire life, so i hope i got it right. :) enjoy (hopefully)!

this always confused nate, what he and chuck had (have).Collapse )
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kim's fanfiction
04 October 2007 @ 09:11 pm
Erm, nothing special, but it's a Draco/Ginny fanmix! Whee! Oh, how I do miss that pairing - they were so lovely together, in their I hate you, make love to me sort of way.

Okay, let's get to it! I made the artwork myself, featuring the lovely Boyd Holbrook and gorgeous Cintia Dicker, because they are the sexiest Draco and Ginny ever. I can't remember where the textures came from, so, yeah. Sorry?

round here, we always stand up straightCollapse )
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